I’m Kevin, otherwise known as deadheaduk. I’m a photographer, a video editor, computer wizz and fanatical music fan!

I have this little hideaway which is referred to as the Blokezone where I keep all those things that would annoy the other half if they were cluttering up the house. I’ve got a stereo system in there for listening to music, two computers – one running Linux and one running XP that I put together from two old machines that I bought off my company for about £10 and some parts from my old PC and bits won from Freecycle. They’re attached to the internet by way of a wireless link from the main router and I have recently rebuilt a third machine to run Ubuntu server and act as a webserver for my three internet domains.

I’ve been on the internet ever since the old Compuserve dial up 14.4 modem days. I started my first website in 1995 which became first shewan.com and the shewan.co.uk which is now hosted on the shed server!

I started blogging in 2005 and at first I used blog.co.uk but then set up a wordpress blog on my website. This was then subject to frequent spam attacks so I went back to blog.co.uk until I worked out how to set up aksimet and wp-spamfree! Since then I have exclusively used the deadheaduk blog on my website.

With the setting up of the webserver I now have three blogs. As well as the one mentioned above which I will use for day to day rants and stories. I have another one for stuff about the family which can be found on our family website. This one will be used for stuff about music and other Blokie things like computers and mobile phones!


Another useful link is my flickr site where I post all my photographs but if you don’t want to wade through that (and why not?) you can see a selection of my favourites here.

In case you didn’t know the name furthur comes from the psychedelic sixties – it was the name Ken Kesey gave the old school bus that he painted up in bright day-glo colours and drove across America having adventures under the influence of LSD. The bus trip spawned the counter culture in America and of course the Grateful Dead!


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  1. N Weiser says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Came across your site as was doing a Google search on Roger Scott. So miss him even after all this years. I have some of his shows mostly from a tribute site which now seems to be offline.So agree with everything you say about modern radio. Just all about the presenter or else the computer playlist! Heart has killed any hope of the return of DJ’s like Roger and Ofcom is a joke compared to the old IBA.Bet they would not have let Gobal carve up local commercial radio. As Roger said all about the market reseachers-he saw the rot coming even back in 1989!!

    I was wondering if you had any of those Saturday Radio 1 shows left from those C120 cassette days. Would love to find some of his Sunday night Radio 1 shows too as I only have six of those. Have working cassette deck-mini disc and audio CD recorder so would glady do any copying required or can send blank media if you do have any of those shows which you may be willing to copy as can totally appreciate if you do have any originals left you would want to have them under lock and key.



  2. deadheaduk says:


    Sadly I don’t think I do as the tapes used to get listened to, extracted from and then reused so if there were any left then they would probably have Johnny Walker on them :(

    A lot of my stuff has been in storage for most of the last 10 years – I finally got my record player and a few records out on Monday and will over the next few months be working my way though all of the stuff in there so if I come across anything I’ll let you know!

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